About Pitarafarm

Pitara Farm was founded in 2010 by a group of like-minded people in their 30s. A traditional Japanese farmhouse of over 100 years is used as the base for this communication-oriented sustainable organic farm. While Pitara’s cultivation of over 100 types of produce (vegetables, rice, grains) serves as its primary function, they also arrange all kinds of activities to help promote farming and traditional living methods, such as miso and pickle-making, open-fire hearth cooking, rice-planting and harvesting, and tofu-making. Around 450 visitors pass through Pitara Farm each year.

If you are interested in visiting and farm activities, please contact us at info@pitarafarm.com

We also welcome WWOOFER from all over the world, who are interested in Permaculture, Organic Farming, and Susutainable living, who likes cooking, building and animals.

We required minimum working term 4days. For WWOOFERS who wish to stay longer than one week, t he very first one week will be a trial period. After about a one week trial period, we talk about your stay. Host Number is h17811.

Please register as WWOFER through WWOOF JAPAN